Industrial Salicylic Acid Content:99.0%
  Sublimed Salicylic Acid Content:99.2%
  Medicinal Salicylic Acid Content:99.0-100.5%
  Sodium Salicylate Content:99.0-101.0%
  Salicylamide Content:98.0-102%
  Acetylsalcylic Acid Content:99.5-101%
  Methyl Salicylate Content:99.0-100.5%
  4-Chlorosalicylic Acid Content:98.0%

NANJING CHINAFIRST CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. has strong ability in many fields such as product developing and designing and the capacity of technical resource.
Basing on complete methods in product testing and an excellent enviroment in managing, we provide high quality products, we sell products not only in domestic markets, but also abroad to the United States, Germany, West Europe, South-East Asia, Japan, HongKong and other countries and areas.
We pledge to make great progress and pro-vide high quality products to gain the trust of our coustomers all over the world.
We greatly appreciate your intention to co-operate or trade with us.

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